We are Incoplan

Experts in timber drying kilns

Our daily effort to always be an innovative company.

We are an Italian wood kiln producer following three fundamental values: innovation, reliability, and sustainability.

For more than 40 years we have been continuously investing on people and environment: that is how we have been able to design and realize high-performance, reliable and 100% made in Italy timber drying kilns and vaporizers.

Our history

Our origins date back in the 70’s. Many things happened since then, and they all contributed to make us the established and global company we are today, based on Lean production systems and integrated quality management systems.

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A new partnership

The initial operative activities were constituted around few young but experienced partners, each one with different and complementary specializations.


Our own brand

A big and fundamental step was the adoption of our own brand, a great challenge of course, but an even greater opportunity to become a fundamental player in the international context.


Company structure's evolution

In a challenging and fast changing context, we decided embrace a people first philosophy and massively invest in process innovation, reinforcing our brand competitiveness in the market.


The new corporate image

We still had something to say about the identity and values we have always carried with us in our journey. We wanted to reinforce our company image to reflect our love for wood, as we believe that sustainable development of economy is rooted in this amazing industry.

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