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ISPM-15 pallet treatment: experts advice

What is ISPM-15 treatment, and why is it mandatory in a great number of countries?
The main purpose of ISPM-15 FAO treatment is to avoid circulation of diseases and insects dangerous for plants and ecosystems. Today more than 80 countries all over the world recognize this standard as necessary treatment for pallets, crates, stowage materials, drums, reels, and other wooden packaging.

Our Superplan offers many customised solutions for ISPM 15 treatment, according to your needs and objectives. Through a kiln drying manager software and a set of smart probes and sensors, we can provide specific reports to fulfil any country regulation and specific information on the drying process optimization.

Customising your Superplan for pallets means that you can increase your productivity and efficiency according to your needs.

Contact us for a consultancy, let us advise you!